Sur mon bureau,
il y a des taches de peinture,
des idées qui reviennent,
des galets qui sèchent,
des pentys qui attendent leur tour
et des mains glacées (15°c seulement dans mon atelier cet après midi).

On my desk,
there are painting stains,
ideas which come back,
pebbles air drying,
small wooden houses waiting for the right moment,
and iced hands ( just 15°c on my studio this afternoon).

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Emma a dit…

Il te faudrait des mitaines pour peindre...

April Sharman a dit…

There are paint stains all over my desk too. It is so cold here and we are expected 20cm of snow at 5am tomorrow morning. This could mean the university will be closed and I will loose a days work but on the plus side there is potential for making snow angels!

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